Thursday, December 31, 2009

“Doggie Patch”

I have a MAJOR problem with this. Have you seen the commercials for it? I don’t have a problem with the product itself, which is gross because you still have to clean up the mess, but the fact that it’s AKC approved. Just another reason for me not to like the AKC.

2 years ago a “friend” of mine was living here and I was helping her with her mother’s dogs that we saved. It’s a long story and I’ve probably mentioned it before. But anyways, she was a dog breeder when she lived in Oregon and knew all about breeding dogs and what to do and what not to do. She’s the one that told me that unless she had people lined up to buy the dogs that she was going to breed she didn’t breed. These were dogs that were not pets but were kept in kennels for most of the time, not ones that got to sit on the couch with her. These were money machines in my opinion. But back to the AKC thing,she was a member of the AKC and

that didn’t really impress me.

I can see how people that use the “Doggie Patch” think they are doing a great job because now they aren’t wasting puppy pads or having to clean up after their dogs or puppies but when I look at it again it’s such a waste. You still have to empty the container every time your dog goes to the bathroom so that means what? You have to walk from one end of the room to the other, carrying this tray full of puppy pee and where do you pour it out at? The sink, which has dirty dishes in it? The garbage so now when you take the garbage out it has pee in it as well? Or you have it in the bathroom and you either pour it out in the sink where you brush your teeth, down the drain with your pee, or in the bathtub. Gross in so many ways.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thank you SupperNanny

As I have meantioned before I love watching Supernanny. A lot of the things she says and the way she fixes things make a lot of sense to me and seem so simple. One of my moms told me the other day that she was doing three things with her daughter at the same time, leaving her at the studio, getting herto sleep without mom, and also getting rid of the pacifier. The first two I kinda had a feeling about but the pacifier thing kinda surprised me since she's 3 and all but then again there have been kids on TV who were 5 with a pacifier. She asked for my help since she was going to stop leaving her here for awhile since she has regressed and is not having problems with it. When I asked her which one she was more attached to, her sleeping with her or the pacifier, she said the pacifier. I suggeseted that she do the pacifier first with the thinking being that if she is that attached to the pacifier it will take the longest to get over and be the hardest thing to do, then when it comes time to get mom out of the bed or leave her at school they won't be as hard to do and shouldn't take that long. It's just amazing how she deals with things since she seems to be so book smart and know about the world but can't seem to manage her own child. It makes me wonder if I went back to school would I lose the ability to cope and dal with what Savie does on a daily basis? Would I look like a frazzled woman when I go to the store with her?

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well after the last post I was hoping that there would be nothing more to say about K but that doesn't seem to be the case. I really don't want to keep talking about her but she keeps popping up in my life and then last night it was my dream!!!! But before we get to that lets get a little re-cap.

So she left on the 20th and should have been ale to make it in about 3-4 days. She was loaded down with 5 dogs, 6 cats, a lamb and a bird. Yeah I know that is a lot of animals. She had her little truck and a U-Haul for all of her stuff and could only go about 35 I think she said so she wouldn't be making great time and then have to stop to potty everyone. I thought I would hear from her later on that day just to say that things were going ok, or at least the next morning. I heard nothing until Mon and that was because her friend D called me to see if I had head from her!!! Three days and no one here's anything. The only reason D heard from her is because she needed money!!! I couldn't believe it when she told me that. We spent the rest of the week trying to guess where she was and how the weather was effecting her drive.

She never showed up until New Year's Eve. She called, I think, on Christmas Eve to say that she was stopping for the day at another friends house that was about 5 hours away from D. Again no call to either one of us. Personally I would have found a way to call someone and say "Ok, this is where I am, I'm going to stop for a couple of hours and stretch my legs and the dogs legs, and then should be back on the road by this time. The weather is doing this so it's slow going, blah blah blah." It's a common courtesy that you tell people where you are especially when you are driving thru 4 states!!!!

Anyways I got a call from D on New Years Eve that she finally showed up and then left all the animals in their crates, didn't feed them, etc and then left for the night and never came back. I had a dream, nightmare really, that she showed up here with her animals. That is so scary for me. I can't believe I had that dream, I must of had something really bad to eat/drink last night for that one to happen.