Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thank you SupperNanny

As I have meantioned before I love watching Supernanny. A lot of the things she says and the way she fixes things make a lot of sense to me and seem so simple. One of my moms told me the other day that she was doing three things with her daughter at the same time, leaving her at the studio, getting herto sleep without mom, and also getting rid of the pacifier. The first two I kinda had a feeling about but the pacifier thing kinda surprised me since she's 3 and all but then again there have been kids on TV who were 5 with a pacifier. She asked for my help since she was going to stop leaving her here for awhile since she has regressed and is not having problems with it. When I asked her which one she was more attached to, her sleeping with her or the pacifier, she said the pacifier. I suggeseted that she do the pacifier first with the thinking being that if she is that attached to the pacifier it will take the longest to get over and be the hardest thing to do, then when it comes time to get mom out of the bed or leave her at school they won't be as hard to do and shouldn't take that long. It's just amazing how she deals with things since she seems to be so book smart and know about the world but can't seem to manage her own child. It makes me wonder if I went back to school would I lose the ability to cope and dal with what Savie does on a daily basis? Would I look like a frazzled woman when I go to the store with her?