Saturday, February 16, 2008

In her defense,lol

OK just a little background on K. She thinks she is the authority on just about everything. Now she hasn't come right out and said it but you can tell from the tone of her voice to what she says. Most of the time I let it go, when she's talking about dog stuff she does know more than me. She ran a kennel for years and it was a really good one from what I've seen picture-wise but then she has moments like this.

During the Super Bowl she called me to talk, normally I wouldn't have answered the phone but I knew she was going to call. Anyways she asked me how the game was going and I told her then she said "Well I should have called my friend in, he's an hour ahead of us. He can tell me the final score of the game since the game is almost over there."
WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's what she said. Now remember that she doesn't watch football, or any sports for that matter, but c'om. It's a LIVE game, live being the most important word there. It took me 10 minutes to make her understand that it was a LIVE game, played here in AZ, and that the reason the game started an hour earlier for the guy is because of the time changes. It took a lot for me to not to just yell it into the phone. That conversation alone has taken a lot of the wind out of her sails.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cold weather

It is soooooooo cold here. I know other people in the states are getting snowed in, flooded out, and stuff like that but it's windy today. Last time I checked in with the weather channel it said it was 61 but the wind is making it feel like 40. Oh well we will see about that tonight.