Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good bye K

This might be my last post about K for awhile. She finally moved today. I am a little sad that she is gone but on the other hand I'm happy. She is a little hard to take sometimes. I don't mind helping someone out when hey need it but I have other things to do during the day other then talking on the phone. I mean really, who wants to be on the phone for a good 2 hours? She bought herself a headset because she was on the phone so much. LOL.

She has been trying to move for the past two months, trying to miss the storms up north, but was finally able to get the money and everything else situated now. There was a lot of drams (as always) surrounding the whole thing. When we talked about it last month it was to find out what I wanted to do about the money she owed me. Personally I want the money not the camera that she bought (and all the extras along with it), personally I don't think she needed to buy all the stuff she did buy but that's another pot for another day. She said that she was trying to adopt out the dogs and the lamb and cats (remember all of them?) but I don't remember seeing ads or signs out for them anywhere (again a post for another day).
She had called me to tell me that she was leaving the angel trumps for me. Great I'll be by in the next day or so to get them. Then she went on, for 45 minutes, telling me about how hard it was to pack everything and that the freeze the other night changed all her plans, etc all while I am trying to tell her that I am at school and working and I need to get off the phone.

I feel like I should be upset that she is leaving and had such a hard time her and then all the BS that her quote-unquote friend did today while she was trying to leave. It's just a headache talking to her. I'm kinda happy because now she won't be here bothering me, calling me all the time, and wanting me to come over and do stuff. She kept talking up us moving into the house that she was in and there is no way that I would even think about that, not after this happened. I was there today to "help" but still trying to get away. She even asked me if I could follow her to the tunnel (which is only a 30 minute drive) because of some stuff going on with him but I have other things to do.
I hate to point fingers and say "you should have done this and you should have done that" but if she had gotten out of the house more, even just going walking, and tone down the paranoia she might have made some friends. She had no one to call but me and her church. That, in my opinion, is sad. You have one person you can call in a town that you have lived in for 3 yr.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Having a flashback

I was hanging outover at Facebook and got to thinking about this movie.

OMGoodness, do you see how much Ice hasn't changed?