Friday, December 21, 2007

The Final Countdown

Well it's the final countdown. It's just days before Christmas, a magical time of the year and what am i doing?? Getting sick. That's right I am sick. I took a road trip last week to see family and on the way back I had a car accident and got really shook up. It was just bad freak accident of a thing but it was enough to keep me from driving for much longer that day. I should have been home by Tues but I got home yesterday. But onto happier thoughts.

I still need to buy a few more things, wrap them and put them under the tree, although I'm thinking that I may go over to a friends house and wrap them there that way I don't have to worry about her coming in or getting up while I'm in the living room wrapping. Who knows. I also have 3 bags of clothes that my sister gave me while we were there. I won't have to buy her clothes really this year, but of course I will. Then I have to buy something for the hubby of course. I am just so out of it and I have so much to do, washing all the clothes I just brought back, the clothes from the trip, going grocery shopping, still have to bake for Christmas dinner. I will get something done.

Well to everyone I wish you a merry holidays, plenty of warm nights, enough snow to enjoy, and happy memories all around.
Just some random thoughts Ihad on the road

do grapes, grown for wine, are grown close to the hughway/freeway do they taste different than wines made from gapes further away? (because of the emmissions, etc?)

do people from other states think people from that state drive worse then they do or are they just not aware of what they are doing?

do animals have holidays?