Saturday, April 28, 2007

stupid bitch

Stupid bitch!!!! I had a customer tonight who didn't want to put some baby clothes on the belt because they are for a newborn, which is fine lots of people do that because the belt is "dirty". I have no problem with that, it's the way she said that.

"Can you scan these because I don't want you to touch them, they're for a newborn"

Can I reach across the counter and slap the shit out of you? That was just rude. So I scanned them. Then when I told her the total she dropped the money in my hand and took her change like I was dirty or something. But yet she wanted to put them in the bag. That's just rude. If she is so worried about the dirt on my hands did she even stop to think bout all the other people who have touched it? From when it was getting cut it to the people who put the labels on it, to the people who packed it, to the people who unpacked it and then all the other customers who may have touched/sneezed/spit/etc on it. I am the last person she needs to worry about. Besides she needs to wash it anyways.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Go ahead and tell him.....

I had my first pissed off customer tonight. Ok here's the deal. It's Walmart policy to scan the Driver's licence when it asks for ID, mainly for the tobacco stuff. I've been told this several times and I've been told that if I punch in to many it'll re flag me, basically, at home office and I'll get called into the office so I have to swipe the ID's. I know that there are states that don't have the strip thing so I have to punch those in but I'm guessing that somehow the computer shows what state it is and they know why. Well I told this guy, after I scanned his cigarettes, that I needed his ID. He opened his wallet and said I could type it in. I told him that I need to scan it. He said no, type it in like everyone else does. I said that I have to scan it, that's what I was trained to do and that I can lose my job over it. We go back and forth about 10 times with me saying that I have to scan it and him saying no, type it in. Then he says "fine I'll take it out but it's hard to get out" (I want to say then get a new wallet or something) and scan it 3 times like I was told to, and type it in. He tells me that he's going to have a talk with 'J' the store manager about what I did and how I was rude about the whole thing.
He didn't see rude. If I was rude then I would have told him to make his stuff and go to another register, or not to come to my register every again. I wasn't rude. I was nice and polite about the whole thing. I smiled even though I wanted to cry/smack/hit him. No one in the line cares that it;s hard for you to take your ID out. If you have a problem with taking your ID out then you need to go somewhere else to but your smokes.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ramble #2

ok just a few thigns to complain about

DVD players in minivans~~
Why do we have them? First we complain that our kids are watching to much TV at home, that they spend all of their time after school watching TV or playing some volient game so what do we doo? We put another tv in a the car!!!!!!!! True it may just be used when we are ging from one afterschool activity to another but still that's more time that they are watchng TV. I remember, and I almost feel old saying this, when I would read my book inthe car, I still look forward to going somewhere in the car so I can read my book. What is wrong with the world??

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why do people do it?

Now that I am working, and you will hear me say that a lot, I hear some of the weirdest things that people say when they think your not listening. Just because I'm ringing up the stuff that your buying doesn't mean that I'm listening to you, so you might want to be careful who and what your talking about, like your sex life. I don't want to hear about someone that you had sex with,where you did it, and how many times, gross!! Yes I've had sex, hence the daughter that I have no, but still I don't need the graphic details of your last sex session.
In that same line of thought feel kinda bad for the guys that come thru my line buying condoms. I wonder are they embarrassed when they come thru my line, is that why they don't make small talk like every other person that does? Or are they just in a hurry and have some hot chick waiting for them at home/hotel/car? lol. I love it. It's just funny.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Now that I'm working I'm going to have a lot of rants about customers. Last night this guy came thru my line with his daughter who was probably about 4 or5 yr. His wife had he older child in another basket. But what got me is that because she wanted something and then started crying because he said no, he threaten to leave her in the store, even when so far as to say that he was going to smack her after he was done with the transaction. Picture me surprised, it's 9:30p at night what do you expect from the kid?? Of course she tired and cranky that late at night. I don;t understand it. It makes me wonder, what do I sound like when I'm talking to my daughter in the store and I tell her she can't have something because she's not listening. I don';t think that I use the tone of voice that he did but the feeling is there.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Just wondering how do you nicely ask family members not to give your kids candy?? They don't live in the state and can only sned cards and maybe a phone call every now and then but what do you say to them? I know they are doing it to be nice and everything but c'om, she's only 2 she doesn't need/want candy.