Thursday, January 7, 2010

The wacky weather lady

what is going on with the lady on the “The Whether Channel”? I watched every morning because I need to know what to do with my day but this woman is making it harder every morning to watch. I was a little surprised when they suddenly changed from another set of people to this Abrams and Bettes. I liked the other people that did the mornings. They were calm and soothing and something easy to wake-up. This Abrams woman is annoying.


Not in a bad way but in a way that makes you just shake your head. This morning while I was washing dishes they were talking bout black ice on the road. All I heard her ask Mike Bettes is “Since vodka has a lower freezing level than water, what do you think of my idea of spraying the roads with that instead?” (I may have remembered that wrong but that’s what sticks in my head) I was so in shock that i started to rewind it just so I could here it again. They guy out on the road, I this was Jim Cantore, was surprised by it to. He just kind of stammered until he said that beet juice would be better. LOL

I don’t understand how she can get away with saying things like this and no one stops her or cuts to another shot or turns her mic off. I laugh because it throws everyone off when she talks. It’s almost like there’s no filter between her brain and her mouth.

I feel the people that have to work with her, she’s quite a character.