Thursday, March 29, 2007

Does asking my child, numerous times, if she has to "go potty" make her neurotic? Des it undermine her ability to tell me she has to go or I am just being a worry wort about it?

What undermines your child, or for that matter other people, when you ask them the same question over and over again? Does anything?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

This special has been exteneded!!!!!!!

I find it so funny when I hear commericals that say that. They only have 25 of these cars and because there was such a high demand they are going to extend the sale for another week. If the demand is that high shouldn't the sale be over sooner than they thought?? Doesn't this mean that sure a lot of people are coming out for these cars but their credit, or whatever, isn't good enough to buy them?? I just roll my eyes and laugh knowing that there are plently of other cars/house/whatever to last for everyone.

Friday, March 23, 2007

DHL~ update

Score one for the little guy. I am bulheaded, have been told so by several people, bt this time it paid off. As I said before DHL is notdeliverying m package but theUSPS is. Well I just got off the phone with the orginal company and they are refunding me the money for the DHL service, not because they re not deliverying it but because it's not going to get here for another week. That doesn't make me totally happy but the point is I'm not paying for it anymore. True it's only $4.95 but it's the princepal of the matter that means the most to me, o yeah and the money to. lol

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is really annoying to me. I love having my computer and being able to see where my packages, when I order things online, but this is taking waaaaaaaaaaay to long to get to me. Let me back up just a little first.

I don't like DHL I prefer UPS mainly because my Melaluca stuff comes thru them and I know the guy. The first time I ordered from DHL was sometime last year and it took an extra week to get my package. First they called me 2 days after the recieved the package at the local office, I know because I looked online, to tell me that the address does not exist!!!!!! WHAT????????? How are you going to call me and tell me that my address doesn not exist, I live at it dummies. Then I got a call from the driver the next day wanting directions to my house. I'm sorry but don't you have GPS in the truck or at the local office?? How is that I can go online and get directions from anywhere to my house but they can't?
Now on the second package that should have been here last Thrus. Fri at the lastest is still not here. When I called on Mon to find out what was going on I was told that it was turned over to the local post office to be delivered. Why was I charged extra, from another company mind you, to have DHL hand it over to the post office. I could have not been charged the extra $8 and have it get here later like it looks like it will be. I don't understand it. They have not heard the last of me.

Good Wednesday Morning

just checking to make sure that this is working today